With Zolo's eyes, she watched him ...

MARGARET OF ANJOU DID NOT ALLOW ZOLO TO KNOW of the Princess von Anhalt's tremendous suffering at the hand of Zoltan Gur, for if he even suspected, he would certainly hurl himself bravely at Gur and lose his life.
     A house prisoner in the Duchess of Suffolk's castle in 1474, just outside London, Margaret of Anjou, former queen of England, delighted in helping Zolo and Lord Paganini as a Mother Yarrow. It not only allowed her to atone for past crimes (many of which were savage), it also provided a glorious freedom and power far beyond the limitations of her real flesh.
     Margaret sipped her tea and viewed worlds beyond imagining, far beyond those of an ordinary queen. She traversed the sands of other planets, fought new battles with tremendous powers as her "will to magic" and connection with the Tao became realizable through the implanted yarrows of Lord Paganini. No struggles for personal gain as in the old days, only struggles for something bigger, enough that she felt redeemed in the eyes of God. Best of all, she lived many years as a Mother Yarrow without ageing more than a few minutes, or less, in Suffolk's castle.
     Holy Mother! If her English enemies knew of her heroic travels, they would kill her out of spite and envy. In truth though, if she told them, all would believe her mad.
     With Zolo's eyes, she watched him go about his business in that Prussian castle three centuries in the future. So dark and haunted, those Prussian castles. She was often tempted to turn Zolo's eyes as she wished, though in truth, she could not. A good thing too! Her friends had always accused her of wanting too much control. Lord Paganini, the creator of her Mother Yarrow self and her physical embodiment within Zolo, limited her to responding at certain critical times, to influencing events, or Zolo's wishes only when serving a greater purpose. Such was the will and wisdom of the ancient World Maker Paganini, and she respected him, even feared him. Stubbornly, Margaret argued from time to time, but always gave in. She would never risk not being a Mother Yarrow, despite the darkness that lurked at the rim of her consciousness like a stalking demon.