Time to Rise, Oh Monster!

(dedicated to the future slapping of PM's monster)
    In full sight of the shrieking Baroness, Freddie yanked the fat, sleep-dazed baron out of bed and hoisted him high into the air, dangling him like a child as he protested and yelled. She slapped him across the face twice and tossed him through the air like a sack of dead rats. He hit the far wall with a loud grunt, so hard it almost knocked him cold. She calmly walked over to him, and reaching down, yanked him gasping to his feet by the hair. With her free hand she withdrew the small sack of gold coins from her coat pocket and shook them to the floor. Still clutching his head by the hair, she forced it down to stare at the coins.
    "There is your payment for all your serfs. You will release them tomorrow and allow them to make their way to B√§renthoren castle, unharmed. Do you understand? And not a word of this to anyone!"
    "Yes, yes, in God's name, no more!" he whimpered. Two of Eichmann's butlers ran in to grab Freddie but her right hand shot out and caught the first one in the chest, sending him flying back against the other. They smashed into the wall behind them, helpless with broken ribs and dazed heads. "Anything, masked demoness, anything!" he gurgled and yelled.

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