About "War of the World Makers" and Hot Sex on Titan

"The novel is packed with a good share of strong and magically powerful women, in the roles of both heroine and villain. The landscape throws a curve every few chapters, the characters believable despite the often grand and unbelievably bizarre setting, and if you like mystery, violence, and horror-like dark literature, then you'll be ecstatic."

 - Del Sol Press

Eyes Full of Massacre and War and Hot Sex on Titan

Dressed in a black sequin evening dress that fell only to her upper thighs, and with transparent chiffon sleeves, Mandukhai looked stunning. The two of them danced slowly, cheek to cheek, on a Mediterranean blue-tile patio atop Le Petit Sanglier, surrounded by Babylon torches big as camels. Mandukhai stared into Da Vinci's eyes with her own loving eyes full of war and massacre and hot sex on Titan, and Sinatra sang, "You and I are just like a couple tots, running across a meadow ..." while he smiled at her with teeth brilliant as a sunlit glacier. She smiled back and leaned closer to gently bite his ear. Later, he knew the sex would be free fall. Float down, back up, and do it again as the wind rushed in their faces. She bit his ear, the feel of it tickling his toes, and the Dubai night turned to day, and even brighter, as if a nuclear warhead had detonated nearby. He heard a distant, echoing boom and felt a flash of heat on his skin, hot enough to singe the delicate ends of Mandukhai's hair and make his pinot noir undrinkable.

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